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For entrepreneurs, business leaders, and non-profit warriors who want to uncover their next right move.

Find Clarity

Are you stuck on a project? Are you confused about the next step in your business or career? Uncover your next right move at this divine marathon event!

You'e invited to


⊛ A two-minute, one-question tarot reading related to your work life

⊛ An additional two minutes, if you bring results from your Power Quiz

⊛ Guidance on the next steps you need to take to build your business

⊛ Positive vibes by connecting with other like-minded professionals

How this works:

Rules of the Game:

⊛ Questions are taken in the order you arrive for the event

⊛ One question/two minutes per attendee without assessment results

⊛ Two questions/four minutes per attendee with assessment results

⊛ If there is time left over, we will start again with the first person who arrived for the event

⊛ We go until 9:30 pm.

The Vibe:

Soft Joy & Fellowship

Bring a pen, your journal, something to eat or drink. Reading will be live, focusing on the work part of your life. 

If you prefer video...

Here's My Invitation

discover your genius

Take the Power Quiz

The Power Quiz will inform you about your unique power type and how to leverage it in your work and relationships. Bring your results to the reading for a deeper understanding of how to use them to build your business.


Plus, there’s an Easter Egg in the registration. Two curious, lucky people will receive quite a generous gift. (Trust me, you’ll love it!).

Your host for the evening

About Ava St. Claire

 Ava is the Founder and Prime Minister of the Sanahalili Institute. With over ten years as a spiritual advisor, she gives global leaders the tools they need to weave their magic in society. She aims to contribute to social and political change by encouraging change-makers to think from an integrative perspective.


Ava combines her intuitive reading abilities with her background in Social Psychology, Technology, and Design. She is pending a second Master’s in Human Consciousness and Transformation from John F. Kennedy University.